Month: July 2020

FOTE 2020 – Live Sessions – Week 6 – Clare Smyth

Week 6: Clare Smyth (Core) Call for Fairness and Respect in Order to Survive JP’s conversation with Clare Smyth this week was a frank reality check for chef patrons trying to decide on their next move! Her restaurant, Core is just two and a half years old and would usually have a three-month waiting list…. Read more »

FOTE 2020 – Live Sessions April/May 2020

Week 5: Josh Niland and Alberto Landgraf Self-reflection on Being a Chef While this week’s conversations linked in with Josh Niland and Alberto Landgraf in relation to their restaurants, interestingly the key points expressed by both, focused on their personal reflections on their life as a chef and care of their chef community. Josh Niland… Read more »