Paul Ivic

As chef de cuisine of TIAN in Vienna, Paul Ivic is responsible for all the delicious culinary creations in his
vegetarian restaurant. Born in Serfaus, Tyrol, with Croatian roots, Paul has been awarded with three toques and a Michelin star during his career at TIAN, constantly showing the potential and variety of vegetarian dishes.
Defining vegetarianism as abstaining from meat and fish, therefore, does not agree with him, because abstaining has invariably something to do with deprivation. But with his cuisine you’re not deprived of anything, he says:
?There are a lot of meat eaters among my guests who tell me that they didn’t miss fish or meat at all, and that is the biggest compliment for me.? He wants to express joy and pleasure in life through his cooking and he wants to show that vegetarian food can be rather sexy as well.
I’m neither a saint nor a missionary, emphasises Paul. I don’t want to convert anyone but let them taste and feel how wonderfully diverse the taste beyond fish and meat can be.”