Abeer Najjar

Abeer Najjar is a self-taught chef & blogger. She is a professional late-night snacker and believes the best meals are those that are simple and shared amongst others.
Born on the south side of Chicago to Palestinian immigrants, Abeer’s love for food started in her mother’s kitchen. That love was also deeply influenced by the mulit-cultural neighborhoods she was raised in and her cooking reflects a fusion of those worlds.
Abeer writes to preserve memories of cooking with her mother and to share her food experience. She hopes that by sharing this, she inspires a deeper appreciation for food and the cultures in which it comes from. For many children of immigrants, traditional food is often a source of embarrassment. Abeer wants to shift that embarrassment to pride.
Abeer also runs an underground supper club and her work has been featured in Teen Vogue and other online publications.r one more!