Adrian Klonowski and Matylda Grzelak

Starting their adventure together at the age of 23, Adrian and Tylda have been running one of Poland’s most famous fine dining restaurants – Metamorfoza in the heart of Gda?sk for the past four years.
Metamorfoza created by the two, is a 22-seat restaurant with a focus solely on Polish produce. They forage, butcher, age, brew, ferment, preserve, dry, marinate, smoke and distill, strictly being tied to the unpredictability of the nature and the same the availability of the products.
For the past three years, they have been organizing Commis Made; an annual event gathering Polish and foreign chefs, specialists, and journalists in the region of Pomerania, fostering integration and deepening knowledge of a particular topic. The last event, the fourth “Urban Farm” edition, in a historic Shipyard in Gda?sk, the event attracted 2500 people on the closing day.