Agatino Failla


Mt Etna, regeneration and the challenges of making wine on a Volcano.

1979-born Agatino Failla is the Global Sales & Marketing Manager of Benanti winery, a historical and prestigious family-run boutique producer of fine wines on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, named Italian Winery of the Year in 2007 and able to inspire many others.

Agatino grew up in Sicily and then spent several years studying and working abroad, before returning home in 2011 to join Benanti winery. He had the opportunity of tasting local grapes such as Carricante and Nerello
Mascalese and was proud to take them along in his international experiences. During his Erasmus at the University of Burgos in Spain, courses at Cèsma University in Madrid, English courses in Dublin and work experience in Sao Paulo Brazil, Agatino cheerfully shared the treasure of his land. This is how the idea of working in the wine industry came to him, Brazil being the first place where he worked with wine. “It’s been 16 years and I still love what I do.”

Agatino, who is a certified sommelier AIS and WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, is involved in promoting Etna region and the Benanti brand worldwide. Agatino believes his generation is a lucky one because they experienced first hand the revolutionary changes in the production of Sicilian wine – the emphasis on quality. He has a passion for jazz music, food and travelling. His favourite wine is Pietra Marina by Benanti.