Alex Atala

Alex Atala, chef and owner of D.O.M. Restaurant, is recognized by an innovative cuisine, thanks to the variety of the Brazilian ingredients. D.O.M opened in 1999 and in 2009, Dalva e Dito which presents the concept of affective cuisine and reinforces the faith Alex Atala has in both native ingredients and culture. 

 Atala has a collection of both national and international prizes and, in 2013, made it in the 100 most influential people list of TIME Magazine.  

 In 2013, ATÁ Institute was born bringing together knowledge of eating, cooking and producing from nature. 

 In 2015, at D.O.M., Atala became the first Brazilian chef to head a two-starred restaurant by the Michelin Guide.  He is featured on the second season of the Netflix acclaimed documentary series, Chef’s Table. In a moving and revealing episode, the audience gets to see the detail of culinary creations and the role that Atala plays with small producers and Brazilian communities.  

Photo Credit: Ricardo D’Angelo