Alice Zaslavsky

Rethinking food literacy – ‘disrupting the what, where, how and why of food in education’

Alice Zaslavsky is a broadcaster, author, vegelante and Australia’s friendliest voice in food.  

Alice is the cookery columnist for The Weekend Australian Magazine, host of Saturday Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne, and the resident foodie on News Breakfast, ABC’s hit morning television program. Her book In Praise of Veg has been a smash hit internationally, published in 11 countries and translated into multiple languages. Uniquely organised by colour and featuring insights from some of the world’s top chefs, the book has quickly become a go-to kitchen companion. With a background in education, Alice believes that everyone should be able to read food the way that they can words, and that it’s just as important that they do.?Supported by government and industry, Alice created the digital tool-kit Phenomenom and innovative Nomcast podcast series to help nudge the needle on family vegetable consumption. The program was voted “Best Healthy Eating Campaign in Australia” by Parents’ Voice, and continues to inspire teachers, parents and children worldwide as a free resource on its own dedicated website and via ABC Education, Australia’s most trusted education platform. Alice also spearheaded the creation of Melbourne’s Food Bowl Virtual Farm, an interactive tool helping students to connect with regenerative agriculture practices in meaningful ways.?In October Alice releases her newest cookbook,?The Joy of Better Cooking,?in which she hopes to break readers free of the fears and pressures around being a “good cook” by moving them towards finding moments of joy every time they step into the kitchen.