Alice Zaslavsky

Alice Zaslavsky is a fresh voice in Australian food, recognised for her modern, accessible approach to cooking and eating, and expertise as champion food judge, critic, author, and food literacy advocate. She’s penned best-selling kids’ book, ‘Alice’s Food A-Z’, with another (for grownups) out in November 2020, served time as The Weekly Review’s Food Editor, hosted television programs including Crunch Time and Kitchen Whiz (for kids) as well as Shortcuts to Glory (for slightly bigger kids), and is the resident Culinary Correspondent on ABC’s News Breakfast and ABC Radio. 

Alice has combined her wealth of experience across Education, Food Media and the Creative Arts to create research-led free digital tool-kit of videos, podcast and curriculum-aligned resources that helps teachers to integrate food literacy into every subject – the first of its kind. Alice aims to change the conversation around children and vegetables by making them an exciting part of every classroom and home.