Ana Roš

Everyone counts but everyone is missable

Alpine skiing prodigy and graduate of diplomacy, the spokesman of Slovenian gastronomy, Roš is a self-taught cook. She met her business partner and ex-life partner Valter Kramar while studying in Gorizia in northeastern Italy. His parents owned Hiša Franko, an already-established restaurant near the Italian border, and the couple decided to take it over. He worked as a sommelier, she as a waitress, eventually stepping into the kitchen when the chef left. With help from a family friend and hours and hours of reading cook books, she experimented with updating traditional recipes from the upper So?a valley and by 2010 had started gaining an international reputation, crowned Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and being the subject of an episode of Chef’s Table in 2017. Hiša Franko, a 2 Michelin star restaurant has been awarded the 21st best restaurant in the world by the 50 best restaurants list in 2021. This year Roš was also ranked on the 7th place of the Best Chef Awards list as the only woman in the top 10. Because of her work chef Ana Roš was named the ambassador of gastronomic tourism at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).