Annette Sweeney

Annette Sweeney is a culinary lecturer and coordinator of culinary arts programmes at Technological University Dublin- Tallaght Campus. As an educator she is passionate about using an applied approach when designing and delivering culinary science subjects for chefs. She endeavours to innovate culinary education and enable it meet future needs of the industry. 

Annette designed and leads the University’s Masters in Applied Culinary Nutrition for practising chefs which in 2015, was the first of its kind globally. Inspired by FOTE 2015, she was instrumental in activating an ‘action point’, and in 2018 she and her colleagues designed the BA (Honours) in Botanical Cuisine- a farm to plate degree for chefs. This year she and a colleague won an innovation award for ‘The Mindful Kitchen’ module which engages first year chefs in mindful practices to benefit their health and wellbeing, creativity and work practices, and enabling confidence to affect change to ensure positive kitchen culture– another global first in culinary education.