Anton Kovalkov

TOPIC: Brand Chef – B.E.R.E.G [ Monday: 2.45pm ]

Anton Kovalkov (@AntonChef) was born in Russia. At 21, he became head chef of Bezuhov (Russia). Due to his talent the owners created a new restaurant just for him, The Kitchen, offering contemporary Russian cuisine. Anton later embarked on a series of stages at
some of the world’s best restaurants, including Noma (Copenhagen), where he was the first Russian stagaire.

He later traveled to the U.S to work at some of its most acclaimed restaurants, including Alinea (Chicago), Eleven Madison Park (New York) and Atelier Crenn (San Francisco). In 2014, Anton joined the Maison Dellos restaurant group and debuted Farenheit, a contemporary Russian venue in the heart of Moscow, where he offers menus that have garnered critical raves. Anton has collaborated with, and hosted dinners prepared by, some of the world’s leading chefs, including: Martyn Meid from Ink (London), Ana Ros from Hisa Franko (Slovenia), and Eneko Atxa from Azurmendi (Spain).