Antonia Klugmann

TOPIC: Borders [ Tuesday: 2.45pm ]

Starting later in life than most chefs, Antonia Klugmann quickly made a name for herself by cooking unique, multicultural dishes on the Italian-Slovenian border. In 2006, she opened the Antico Foledor Conte Lovaria in Pavia di Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia with her partner Romano. Three years later, she was shortlisted as one of the best emerging chefs in northern Italy. In 2011, Antonia travelled to work at the Michelin-starred Il Ridotto, which specialised in seafood and Venetian cuisine. Antonia and Romano decided to open their own restaurant for the second time.
In December 2014, L’Argine a Vencó opened for service north of Venice in Dolegna del Collio, near the Slovenian border. Surrounded by vineyards, the small farmhouse restaurant has already won a Michelin star. Being based on the Italian-Slovenian border means her cuisine celebrates diversity, and plays with unusual flavour combinations to create dishes like no other.