Bo Bech

[ Tuesday: 12.45pm ]

At twenty-four, Bo Bech (@ bech_bo) joined Frank Lantz’s Krogs fiskerestaurant in Copenhagen, his hometown. Shortly afterwards Bech set off on a two-year tour abroad. Moving first to London, he worked at le Gavroche then Marco Pierre White’s The Restaurant. Paris came next with eminent spells at Lucas Carton with Senderens and l’Arpège under Passard. Returning to Denmark, short stints at Kong Hans Kælder with Thomas Rode Andersen (Copenhagen), Michel Michaud’s Marie Louise (Odense) and Petri Pumpa for Thomas Drejing (Lund, Sweden) ensued.In 2000 that Bech eventually settled down as head chef at Jan Hurtigkarl & Co. in Ålsgårde. Bech then opened Restaurant Paustian in 2004. Within 4 years Bech won a Michelin star. After achieving his goal in Restaurant Paustier, Bech moved on to open Restaurant Geist in Denmark and has recently opened restaurant Restaurant LouLou in April 2016.