Braden Perkins

TOPIC: Boules Deep and Reality [ Tuesday: 12.30pm ]

Born in New Orleans, Chef Braden Perkins (@verjusparis) cooked with Seattle chef Tom Douglas for several years before moving to Paris where he and his partner ran the incredibly successful Hidden Kitchen, a supper club in their Paris apartment. Running Hidden Kitchen allowed Braden to create relationships with the farmers and producers providing the best product to the best kitchens in the city, and these relationships have continued and expanded since opening Verjus. Following their success with Verjus, where the more elaborate formula of d├ęgustation and wine pairings has drawn a loyal following of happy locals and visiting celebrities, Braden and Laura decided to open something more casual, Ellsworth. The extra space provided by the Ellsworth kitchen means that the team is now able to source and break down whole animals for both restaurants, plus make their own bread, yogurt, ricotta, sausage, and other manifestations of their nose-to-tail and homemade ethic.