Brendan Guinan

In 2019, Brendan Guinan embarked on a journey of transforming 26 acres of neglected forestry into a biological farm. This diverse piece of land contains Ash, Oak, Alder, Sycamore and Pine trees. Brendan has carefully thinned the woodland, creating 1-acre paddocks for his grazing animals. He has worked hard to ensure his farm works in harmony with the native flora and fauna that are present on the land. We use our animals as labour units to clear woodie overgrowth and enhance natural regeneration. Combining Planned Holistic Grazing and Biological Agroforestry ensures his animals get a rich and varied diet, while simultaneously enhancing soil biology while sequestering carbon.  

He produces chemical-free pasture-raised beef, pigs, turkeys, meat chickens, eggs, honey and hardwood firewood. The animals feed on grasses, ivy mosses and tree hay. All livestock are outwintered and sheltered by the cover of the trees. We feed organic grass hay and locally grown grain and beans also.   

Brendan sells his eggs, gluten-free sausages and burgers, dry-cured ham and bacon, organic Wagyu beef and much more through with nationwide delivery. He has built a loyal customer base through Tik Tok and Instagram @fiorbhiafarm. 

Education is a large part of this farm holding workshops and farm tours empowering farmers and the public on how to grow food 100% chemical free, directly selling produce while enhancing biodiversity.  He also designs individual chemical-free farming systems on a one-to-one consulting basis for clients nationwide.