Christian Mandura

Vegetale al centro

Born in 1990, Christian Mandura grew up in the family restaurant, the Geranio in Chieri, Torino, here he had his first kitchen experience. After his studies in hotel management, Mandura worked at Frà Fiusch, Torino, at Noma in Copenhagen and at Del Cambio Restaurant in Turin. From 2015, he experimented with his new vision of cooking in the family restaurant and in 2019, he opened Unforgettable Experience, which in 2022 received it’s first Michelin star.? 

Unforgettable is a counter with ten seats and vegetables at the centre of the experience. The approach is simple: plants at the centre means attention to the environment, to an ethical cuisine, to an economy of non-waste. The vegetable from Unforgettable Experience becomes the protagonist of the dish, but it is not in clear contrast with meat and fish: here it simply gains a leading role, different, balancing tastes and aromas. For this reason, the philosophy of Unforgettable Experience is based on not excluding meat and fish, but sensitizing their consumption by serving them as a side dish with vegetables. A curiosity: within the Unforgettable Experience, the brigade and the dining room staff are one large team. This means that those who cook also take care of serving or washing the dishes. 

 In April 2022 Christian opened Paradigma. Paradigma (the animal paradise) has one table, four seats: here, meat or fish, which alternate according to the seasons, return to the centre of the gastronomic experience. A single animal is served in all its parts and the vegetables (exclusively wild) return to the role of a side dish.