Cristina Brizzolari

Riso Buono: From the land to the Chefs.                                                                                                              The passion for the Rice of the Future between tradition and innovation.

Cristina Brizzolari, Rome born, started her career in real estate, restructuring and selling buildings in London and Rome. One day her husband asked her to restructure his family’s old property in the Piedmont countryside which was falling apart. She started her work but wanted to find also a new function for the building. If the building would not be used, it would degrade again. Spending time at the building while renovating it, she fell in love with the nature surrounding it. There were beautiful rice fields around it so she called an agronomist to do the inspection because she decided she wanted to grow the best rice varieties that had ever been cultivated before in this area and because they are very difficult to grow. She had no experience in farming and no experience in food – she was on a chicken and salad diet for most of her life and was super skinny. But she loves challenges and her determination spiced up with a bit of madness definitely helped that she has reached her goal. She has managed to grow the best Carnaroli and Artemide rice available on the market which is now used by some of the best chefs in the world. She also cares about sustainability so her production process is totally zero waste. At Food on the Edge, she will tell her own story and the story of the most amazing zero-waste rice.