Cúán Greene

Cúán Greene is a chef from Ireland. He is the founder of Ómós. Cúán’s belief is that more can be brought by working together through the process of communication, learning, and understanding other’s crafts and inspirations. Ómós is a traveling caravan of those ideas; collaborations of food and innovations; and investigations surrounding what we eat. The word comes from the Irish language, meaning homage, duty, and respect. Ómós is an idea that Cúán has been developing since he returned from a 4-year stint cooking in Copenhagen. Drawing on his experience at Noma, Cúán’s ambition is to develop the dining experience, allowing place, space, and community to influence how we evolve.  


”With Ómós, the ambition is to share our excitement about the people we meet, a berry or seed we have found in winter, what we have grown or planned to grow, and who is growing it for us. When we harvest, preserve or transform an ingredient, we hope you can live the experience with us: when we are doing it, how we are doing it, and what we use to do it. We want to show you how to use it, or indeed serve it.”