Daniel Berlin

Located in the bucolic town of Skåne-Tranås in southern Sweden, Daniel Berlin (which is the name of both the restaurant and the chef) elegantly reinvigorates that familiar genre. There’s a requisite garden out back, but Berlin doesn’t just grow the cabbage that he pairs so exquisitely with ruby-colored venison—he also hunts the deer and forages for the sloe berries in the sauce. His intimacy with his ingredients translates into beautiful dishes that are as thoughtful as they are flavorful.
Like the service (Berlin’s mother is server and garden manager; his father is sommelier—though neither had any restaurant experience), it’s part of the reason that dining in the 25-seat space feels so deeply personal—and so worthy of a full day’s travel. Attempting to explain that celeriac dish, which was born of a Nordic longing to have barbecue in winter, Berlin says, “I wanted to say something with my cooking that no one else could.”