Daniel Burns

TOPIC: Food & Beer – Exploring the Possibilities [ Tuesday: 2.30pm ]

Daniel Burns (@chefdburns) is chef/partner of Tørst and Luksus in Brooklyn, New York. Tørst (opened in March 2013) is a world-recognized craft beer bar that occupies the front portion of the building, and Luksus (one Michelin star) is a 16-seat seasonal tasting menu restaurant tucked in behind a sliding door in the back. Luksus (opened in July 2013) offers only beer pairings and is focused on bringing beer into the realm of “fine dining”.

Daniel spent six years in Europe from 2004-2009 (Fat Duck (UK), St. John (UK), Noma (DK) – pastry chef) before moving to New York to open the test kitchen for Momofuku as head of R & D. His first cookbook will release in May 2016 by Phaidon ‘Food & Beer’.