Dee Laffan

Dee Laffan is a freelance editor and journalist with over 15 years of experience in Irish food, drink and hospitality. Former editor of leading Irish magazines Food&Wine, Easy Food and Yes Chef! and publishing director of fft hospitality title, Dee is currently the editor-in-chief of Scoop food magazine, a new Irish magazine that she recently launched with Nine Bean Rows Books. Scoop is a biannual magazine sharing the inside story on Irish food. Issue 01 will be published at the end of October.

Dee is co-host of Spice Bags Podcast – awarded ‘Best Irish Food Podcast’ by the Irish Food Writing Awards 2021 – and together she and her co-hosts have written a cookbook for Blasta Books, SOUP, publishing in January 2023. Her business also includes content consultancy, working with clients from all areas of the hospitality industry to create and manage digital strategies, content and social media.

Dee’s passion for Irish food has led her to many roles in the industry: a tour guide for Fab Food Trails, host of stages at Taste of Dublin & Big Grill Festival, a judge of Blas na hÉireann and she is a proud member of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild.