Denis Lovatel

Denis Lovatel is the owner and pizza-chef of Pizzeria Da Ezio, located 
in a small town near the Dolomites. Taught the art by his father, Denis is 
known as “Pizzaiolo di Montagna” – the Mountains’ Pizza-Chef. 
Lovatel is considered one of the 30 Best Pizza-Chefs in the world with a product that has no equals. He was recently rewarded the “Innovation and Sustainability Prize 2019-2020” by San Pellegrino. 
He has revolutionised the idea of pizza, focusing on sustainability, circular economy and regional development. To support these key concepts, Denis engages with local farmers and utilizes rare ingredients. 
His unique dough recipe uses stream water from the Dolomites and reduces 
salt intake, seasoning it with local dried herbs only. Creative toppings are the finishing touch, turning what is traditionally fast food into a gourmet meal. 
Lovatel’s pizzas are pop-language vectors, targeting younger generations and introducing important values like the environment and respect for food.