Denis Lovatel

Denis is a visionary and multi-award-winning ‘contemporary’ pizza chef. Since 1977 his restaurant, Pizzeria Ezio has been located in the magical mountains of Belluno. Daniel Young, food & wine expert, said that his pizza is one of the best in the word, that you must taste at least once in your life.

Denis is an innovative chef, his pizza is unusual & unique; he calls it “Mountain Pizza”. Every single creation respects the environment & Dolomites mountains that surround Pizzeria Ezio. He has his own philosophy, using wild herbs collected in the forest and fibre rich flour. He uses pure spring water from the Dolomites & a very light dough, which gives the pizza an incredible “CRUNCH”.

Denis believes in environmental sustainability, fighting every day against waste. His mission is to educate the new generation to a healthy and respectful diet through the most known and consumed dish in the world… pizza!