Dylan McGrath


[ Monday: 2pm ]

Dylan Mc Grath (@McGrathDylan) got his first Job in Jury’s Inn, Belfast and left to work in Roscoffs, Northern Ireland’s only Michelin starred restaurant. He acquired most of his skills at John Burton Race in L’Ortolan and Tom Aikens in Chelsea where he became Head Chef. Dylan returned to Ireland and became Head Chef of Mint restaurant where he received a Michelin star.
Dylan opened Rustic Stone (2010)which is a casual dining, contemporary restaurant.
From Rustic Stone, the Raw menu emerged, developed by Dylan while keeping his ethos on nutrition and flavour to the fore.
Dylan’s next move is the creation of 2 concepts under one roof on a location on Fade Street. At Fade Street Social by Dylan McGrath he celebrates Irishness – aiming to bring us back to some of our tradition while still embracing the contemporary food influences that have grown in Ireland in the past 30 years.