Ellie Kisyombe

Ellie Kisyombe, a founder, a mother, an activist, and political candidate.  In 2015, Ellie co- founded an Irish Café Award-winning social enterprise called OurTable with fellow activist and chef, Michelle Darmody.  In 2017 Ellie got the opportunity to be trained by Darina Allen in Ballymaloe.  In 2018 she featured as part of Dublin City Council Culture Company’s ‘Local Heroes’.  In 2019, Ellie was the first asylum seeker to run for the local election.  Ellie is originally from Malawi, has experienced living in the Direct Provision system for many years in Ireland.  Ellie has also spent many years volunteering with the Irish Refugee Council working on the campaign to end Direct Provision and was a key participant in public outreach and awareness-raising activities.  

During lockdown in 2021, Ellie launched her African-inspired and Irish-made Hot Sauce range which has grown rapidly this last year.