Esben Holmboe Bang

Esben Holmboe Bang is head chef and co-owner of Norway’s ground-breaking three Michelin-starred Restaurant Maaemo. He was born and raised in Copenhagen, but has spent most of his culinary career in Oslo. In 2012, just 14 months after opening, Maaemo was awarded two Michelin stars in its first ever mention in the prestigious guide, becoming the first, and only, restaurant in the Nordics to do so. In 2016, Maaemo was awarded a third Michelin star, making Esben the youngest chef to currently hold Michelin’s highest accolade and the first ever in Norway to do so.?Maaemo? was? also? listed? No.35 at?the?2018? World’s?50? Best? Restaurants?awards. Esben?grew?up? in? a? family? where? there? was? a?great?deal? of? emphasis? on? sustainability and agriculture, and?much? of? the?chef’s?inspiration? comes from? nature. Esben’s?playful? tasting? menu? takes Norwegian food and strips it back to its bare essentials?before?recomposing it in an?entirely?new narrative. 


Image Credit : Tuukka Koskai