Evan O’Ceallaigh

Evan O'Ceallaigh

TOPIC: On a New Culture of Chef [ Tuesday: 4.30pm ]

Evan O’ Ceallaigh (@evanoceallaigh) began cooking at age 11. At 17, Evan staged at Aniar restaurant and 2 years later became a commis chef. Evan began a culinary arts course in Galway and left to pursue cooking full time and take Irish food to a new level. Evan created “Nua Galway” pop up event to push the boundaries of Irish cuisine. He held a dinner during Food on the Edge last year to showcase Irish cooking to the wider international audience, including some of the speakers.

Evan has become an avid promoter of Irish food in London, taking part in “chefs of tomorrow” event. He began working in professional kitchens over 1 year ago and last year worked under the legendary Pierre Koffmann, aswell as stageing in some of Londons best restaurants.

Evan was named as one of the ‘biggest Irish names in London food circles’ by hotdinners.com