Gabriel Waterhouse

The Hare #FOTE2023

Gabriel Waterhouse is the chef-owner of the multisensory Bethnal Green restaurant, The Water House Project. Born and raised in Northumberland, Waterhouse’s upbringing has influenced much of his culinary journey, the food, and the environment that he creates at The Water House Project today.  

Once Gabriel finished school he spent time cooking at a local Northumberland restaurant before moving to London. Gabriel honed his craft at Galvin La Chapelle and it was during this time that The Water House Project was conceptualised from his flat in Bethnal Green. Gabriel and his wife Trish hosted the supper club part-time, and from there, they began moving from one place to the next to open The Water House Project, growing it each time. The restaurant opened in its current location of Corbridge Crescent, positioned close to the Hackney canals, in autumn 2021.