Giselle M. Goncalves


Giselle, a seasoned culinary professional, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism & postgraduate studies in hotel management. Her gastronomic journey commenced in Brazil & spans an impressive 24-year timeline. Giselle’s commitment to combating food waste emerged as a driving force, leading her to create a range of gelatos using surplus ingredients from local farmers & producers. 

Upon relocating to Ireland, 2018, Giselle’s career soared as Head Chef at As One restaurant & Cloud Picker’s Cafe – establishments renowned for sustainable practices & zero-waste principles. A pivotal experience at InStock, 2019 ignited her passion for reducing food waste, inspiring her to transform surplus produce into delectable confections. Guided by specialized courses from Carpigiani University, she perfected her gelato craftsmanship, emphasizing creativity & eschewing additives. 

Her aspiration for Cream of the Crop stretches beyond gelato, evolving into a food-tech venture that converts excess into wholesome delicacies. The inaugural creation, Bananitas, exemplifies her visionary journey – banana slices undergo dehydration before being enrobed in 70% cacao, epitomizing her dedication to innovation & sustainability.