Hans Neuner

Austrian-born Hans worked at leading hotels such as the  Carlton  in  St. Moritz  and  The Dorchester  in  London,  together  with  Restaurant  Tristan in Mallorca,  before  joining his  mentor  Karlheinz  Hauser  in  Germany,  first  at  the  Hotel  Adlon  in  Berlin  and  then at  the  Süllberg  in Hamburg.  With  the  aim  of  achieving  recognition  in  his  own  right,  Hans  came  to  VILA  VITA  Parc  in  Portugal  as  Ocean’s  Executive  Chef  in  2007. Ocean won its  first  Michelin star  in  November  2009,  followed  in  November  2011  by  a second, making it  one  of  only  two  restaurants  in Portugal  to  hold two  Michelin  stars.

Hans has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, travel, experimentation and innovation and prides himself on creating light, modern, fresh and individual food with a local signature, placing a strong focus on fish and seafood from the Atlantic, and fruit, vegetables, meat, game and wines from the heartland of Portugal.