Inge Meijs

TOPIC: Feeding the World with Culinary Creativity [ Tuesday: 12.15pm ]

Inge Meijs (@Gastronomixs) is the co-founder and director of, the new global standard reference work for chefs. During the Food on the Edge symposium, Inge will share the unique story of Gastronomixs and explain how chefs around the world can contribute to and benefit from this online resource.

Inge was trained as a food designer and founded Gastronomixs in 2012 with business partner and chef, Jeroen van Oijen. Inge is inquisitive, creative, a real go-getter, dedicated, and determined. So it comes as no surprise that she has been an entrepreneur since she was only 21 years old! At Gastronomixs, Inge is responsible for marketing, communication, design, and international relations.