Isa Mazzocchi

Isa Mazzocchi followed in the footsteps of her mother Stefana and her father Gino, who ran an osteria in the Tidone Valley in the province of Piacenza, and from whom she learnt the craft of serving simple food.
It is in the same town of Bilegno that Isa openend her restaurant, La Palta.

The family-run restaurant is centred around Isa, mother and chef, her strong connection to the land where she grew up and a strong sense of conviviality around the table that is so typically Italian.
If the love for cooking was inherited from her parents, it was the great French chef Georges Cogny who taught Isa the art of cooking.

At La Palta, together with her sister Monica (maître) and her husband Roberto (sommelier), Isa puts her passion and love for her land on a plate, honouring the trade she has learnt growing up, with the sole desire to delight their guests with local Italian cuisine.