Ivan Brehm

Parallel Food Paths – An Alternative Look Into The Potential Truths Of Who We Are    #FOTE2023

Ivan Brehm is the chef-owner of one Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri (established 2017) & a creative interdisciplinary space, Appetite (established 2020). He is recognised for developing a system of thought, of which cooking is a part of, called Crossroads Thinking.  

Nouri was created from the conviction that no food culture exists in isolation. Cooking food rooted in research, the restaurant creates dishes that are made universally delicious by exploring our shared history and a future of respect and diversity. Beyond concepts or philosophy, or types of cuisines, Nouri is a place that celebrates people, in all our differences and similarities. 

  A floor above sits Appetite – opened in 2020, it is a creative space which brings together an R&D kitchen, art gallery and record bar to create a new kind of community across boundaries. Sitting at the crossroads of gastronomy, the visual arts, and music, Appetite’s mandate is to explore intimate appreciations of these creative forms of expression and promote transdisciplinarity with thorough research, food, and meaningful experiences.