Jennie Moran

The Poetry of Our Survival – How Food Softens Institutions #fote2023

Jennie Moran is an artist who uses the philosophy, culture, and infrastructure of hospitality to create opportunities for shared connection. She started a nomadic hospitality project called Luncheonette in 2013 which operated as the canteen in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, and was named Irish Café of the year at the 2019 Food and Wine Awards. In 2022 Luncheonette was invited to Artsadmin in London, to take part in a hospitality themed research residency and consultancy project called Say Yes to Who or What Turns Up, using an old café as a site of unconditional welcome. She has just completed a Masters in Gastronomy and Food Studies at TUD and is publishing a book entitled How to Soften Corners about the impact of hospitality in institutions. She provides mentorship in holistic hospitality to creative organisations and lectures at NCAD, and occasionally UCD School of Architecture, Cork Centre for Architectural Education (UCC) and TUD. 

 Photo Credit: Louis Haugh