Jeremy Charles

Chef Jeremy Charles has spent the last 10 years on a cross-continental culinary adventure. He has travelled from the rugged wilderness of the Canadian shield at the Molson Fly Fishing Camp in Godbout, Quebec, where he was head chef to the Molson and Bronfman families, to the slick urban oases of Los Angeles and Chicago, where he staged and served as a private chef. The diversity of Jeremy’s experience continues to guide him on his culinary journey toward the redefinition of rustic East Coast cuisine. While at the helm of Atlantica — voted in 2007 the #1 Best New Restaurant in Canada by EnRoute Magazine — Jeremy’s penchant for using only the freshest, most vibrant and authentic ingredients from local purveyors won him accolades at home and abroad. Now he plans to raise the culinary bar in St. John’s once again.