Jordan Bailey

Chase the dream. Intro: why we chose to give up 2 Michelin stars #FOTE2023 

Cornwall-born chef Jordan is the Co-founder and owner of Bech-Bailey, together with his wife Majken. Bech-Bailey is their exciting new venture which offers hospitality consultancy & high-end event catering.  

Jordan was formerly the Chef at Aimsir, the fastest ever straight-to-two-star restaurant in Michelin Guide for Great Britain & Ireland, he ran it with his wife & General Manager Majken. Jordan opened Aimsir in 2019 after a stellar career in the UK – Rosewarne Manor, The Elephant, Restaurant Sat Bains & Scandinavia, gaining & holding three Michelin stars in Maaemo, Oslo. 

Together with Majken, they made a home together in Ireland. They bring a concentrated level of experience from working at a very high level in Scandinavia, a part of the world that cherishes the hyper-seasonal & values the local larder. They also have the intriguing benefit of looking with a fresh eye at home-grown Irish ingredients, and what can be done with them by someone who has no expectations attached.