Kevin Hughes

”I don’t come from a traditional hospitality background where I worked my way up and through the ranks as a chef. 
I wanted to follow in my mother’s footsteps and trained as a chef at the age of 18, however decided to not pursue cooking and instead went into the tech industry. I spent nearly a decade there working at Airbnb, and Google but at some point in my career realised that food and cooking is my true passion. 
I have been obsessed with ramen at a very young age, always curious about how a simple-looking bowl of food had so much depth and flavour. 
I first set out to run dinner clubs in my house testing my ramen recipes, friends, family, and co-workers came over each weekend. Eventually, our opportunity came at the height of COVID when we were doing our usual 5km walks and came across the site we are at now, a closed-down cafe that has been lying empty for nearly 2 years. 
I said to my wife, this was now or never and the rest is history. 
The past 2 years have been the most rewarding but difficult time ever in my career, but knowing that I am doing what I truly love supersedes everything else”