Kevin Patricio

Discussing: Getting There From Here: No Road Map and a lot of Beer [ Tuesday: 12.15pm ]

Kevin Patricio (@alaplancha) is an American living in the Basque Country. He oversees the culinary operations of Restaurante La Madame in San Sebastian and is a founding partner of the Basqueland Brewing Project, a new micro-brewery in the region. Kevin’s unique style has been shaped by his mixed heritage, his vast experience in the New York food industry and as an expat New Yorker living in the rich culinary culture of San Sebastian. As an ex-NYC cook in the Basque region, Kevin?s style respects Basque culinary dogma by fervently trying not to cook anything traditionally Basque. He and his team use their collective wealth of knowledge to prepare local ingredients that, much to his surprise, struck a positive chord with the locals. His food is as irreverent as his decision to start a micro-brewery in a region dominated by sidra, txakoli and industrial beer. The Basqueland Brewing Project is already turning heads internationally. Draft Magazine featured them as the microbrewery ?leading the charge? in Spain?s craft beer explosion.