Kevin Thornton

Discussing: The Nature of Food [ Tuesday: 3.15pm ]

Kevin Thornton (@Kevinthornton5) is widely regarded as Ireland?s leading culinary light. He was the first Irish chef to achieve two Michelin stars and Thornton?s Restaurant has been Michelin starred every year since 1996. His cooking, while contemporary, is informed by the distinctive flavours of local produce, and by his vivid memories of the food of his childhood. Kevin is also a food writer, teacher, photographer and star of TV reality series Guerrilla Gourmet and Heat. He has an immense respect, appreciation and love for our great land and all it provides. Kevin is passionate with the idea that every dish created at Thornton?s, every plate that is garnished, every mouthful our guests enjoy can be an experience, maybe even an adventure. His philosophy is that food can be theatre, it can be memory and it can be emotion. It can be the taste of our heritage and the flavour of our future in one single bite.