Kobe Desramaults


Discussing: Spontaneous cooking? Adapt-React-Create-Evolve [ Tuesday: 11.15pm ]

Chef Kobe Desramaults (@Kobewulf) of Michelin star restaurant In de Wulf in Belgium. In de Wulf was a tavern in an old farmhouse run by his mother when Kobe became the chef at the age of 24. Having interned at Sergio Herman?s ?Oud Sluis? and ?Commerce 24? in Barcelona, Kobe found the tavern kitchen far from challenging so he reshaped Wulf to become a gastronomical restaurant. He introduced a new menu, and spent his time experimenting with nitrogen and other molecular techniques. Never choosing the easy path, Kobe started questioning himself and his menu and so, returning to his roots, he started working with regional products. The story of Kobe?s cooking can no longer be detached from his surroundings and is now a tale of longevity and footprint. 2011 saw the opening of De Vitrine, Kobe?s bistro in the city of Gent, using the same methods and philosophy on a menu that is now more accessible and reaching a wider audience. Since May 2014 Kobe, together with Rose Green and Sarah Lemke, started De Superette in Gent. This is an authentic bakery with a great atmosphere. www.indewulf.be