Leonor Espinosa

Leonor is an economist and Plastic artist and head-chef of the restaurants LEO and MISIA. In 2008, her vocation for gastronomic research, led her to establish the Leo Espinosa Foundation FUNLEO; it is directed by her daughter, Development expert and sommelier, Laura Hernández-Espinosa.

In LEO, she supports the study of biological species of different Colombian biomes and ecosystems to be used in the kitchen. On the other hand, at MISIA, she promotes the flavours of Colombian cuisine, being faithful to the ancestral culinary traditions, paying homage to the food of her childhood and to the food offered in the piqueteaderos.

Currently, LEO is the 10th restaurant on the LATIN AMERICA’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2018 list, the first Columbian restaurant on the list; Leonor was awarded female chef in Latin America in 2017 by the Worlds 50 Best. Another of her great recognitions in 2017 was the Basque Culinary World Prize 2017.