Majken Bech-Bailey

Chase the dream. Intro: why we chose to give up 2 Michelin stars #FOTE2023 

Majken is Co-founder & Owner of Bech-Bailey, together with her husband Jordan. Bech-Bailey is their exciting new venture which offers hospitality consultancy & high-end event catering.  

Majken was formerly General Manager at 2* Michelin Aimsir restaurant along with Director of Quality & Design at Cliff at Lyons. Her instinctive sense of professional but relaxed service is a tribute to the time she has spent in a series of restaurants renowned for their polished but comfortable service such as Bon Lio, ORO & three Michelin starred Maaemo where she also worked with Jordan, & in Henne Kirkeby Kro in Denmark.  

Aimsir restaurant opened in May 2019 after 15 months of exploring the Irish landscape and larder and just over four short months after opening, the were awarded two Michelin stars for their ground-breaking restaurant. The recognition copper-fastened an incredible first few months for Majken, Jordan, & the Aimsir team, having been universally fêted by the media & winning multiple hospitality awards.