Margot Janse

Executive chef at Le Quartier Français and The Tasting Room, Margot Janse, has resigned after 21 years. Well known for her African-inspired cuisine, the much-awarded Franschhoek chef will leave her position on 29 April 2017.

Chef Margot has worked at Le Quartier Francais for the past twenty-one years, setting up the lauded The Tasting Room in this time. She is the most awarded South African chef, having received thirteen Eat Out Top 10 Restaurant Awards to date. She also won international awards for the restaurant.

She arrived in South Africa at the time that the late Mr Mandela was released from prison. She has traveled the world in the time that she has worked at Le Quartier Français, and has added a South African stamp to her dishes, including buchu, chakalaka, and baobab. She has fought for good service from her suppliers.

She is known for her ‘food theatre’, and creating balance on her plates. Africa is the inspiration in her dishes. Her dishes have texture and flavour. She is known to not play it safe in her cuisine.

She has dedicated time and energy to the Isabelo charity feeding project in Franschhoek, supplying 1300 school children with a substantial meal every school day, so that they have a good foundation for their day.