Matt Stone

Hailing from Western Australia, Matt Stone spent his formative years surrounded by one of Australia’s richest landscapes for produce. As a chef and author, his cuisine underscores an ideology deeply respectful of the land, positioning him as one of Australia’s leading sustainable chefs.

At 22, Matt worked as head chef at Greenhouse Perth with restaurateur and sustainability champion Joost Bakker. The restaurant’s hyper-sustainable ideology had a significant impact on Matt’s own culinary philosophy. Following Greenhouse Perth’s success, Matt joined Joost in opening Australia’s first zero-waste cafe, Silo.

In July 2015, Matt became executive chef at Oakridge Wines, a winery restaurant in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Working closely with his partner and co-executive chef Jo Barrett, they have produced a cuisine that echoes Oakridge wines’ connection to and love for the land.

Matt has become a spokesperson for Australian gastronomy, celebrating local and native ingredients in a refreshing and honest expression of connection.