Merlin Labron-Johnson

Merlin grew up in Devon where he was always fascinated by the agriculture surrounding him. At a young age he fell into cooking, moving to France in his teens and going on to cut his teeth at cult restaurants Albert 1 er in Chamonix and In De Wulf in Belgium. In 2019, Merlin opened his first solo venture, Osip, in Bruton, which was awarded a Michelin star just over a year later. Embodying his farm-to-table philosophy of cooking and inspired by the ‘tables d’hôte’ of France, Osip celebrates the bounty of the countryside that surrounds the restaurant and shines a light on the produce that Merlin grows himself at Dreamers Farm. The farm is at the very epicentre of Merlin’s world in Bruton, but he also works symbiotically with his local suppliers, engaging with a community of farmers dedicated to ethically and sustainably sourced produce. This produce leads the way in Merlin’s unpretentious cookery which celebrates the purity of nature’s offering.