Natalia Middleton

The Poetry of Our Survival – How Food Softens Institutions #fote2023

Natalia is the Head of Food Education and Development Chef at the prison food charity Food Behind Bars. She is a qualified chef and also has a Criminology degree. Natalia leads various prison projects, including writing and developing recipes and teaching cooking classes both in prisons across the UK and for prison leavers in the community. 

Food Behind Bars is the only UK Registered Charity dedicated to transforming the food served in British prisons. We work with prisons on the subject of food – to improve the lives of those eating and support the people making it. Our work is united by our philosophy of wholesome food for everyone in society. 

Natalia has been featured in The Observer Food Monthly’s “30 things we love in the world of food right now” 2023 and The Evening Standard’s “International Women’s Day 23 female change-makers to know in London in 2023”