Niall McKenna

Since the age of 16, Belfast chef Niall McKenna has been passionate about food and cooking. Now, with a growing portfolio including some of the most popular restaurants in Belfast, Niall has been rightfully hailed a ‘Tourism Hero’ by industry chiefs and has received a Belfast Telegraph Business Award in 2016 for his “Contribution to Hospitality and Tourism”.

Niall’s James Street South Restaurant Group is a flag bearer for Northern Ireland’s food scene and rightfully champions the world-class quality of local produce. With four busy restaurants, the city’s famed Cookery School, and with a new venue in the pipeline for Donegall Quay, Niall remains a true leader for the industry.

Niall was named a visiting Professor of the University of Ulster in September 2016. His role will be operational for four years and he hopes to influence the next generation of hospitality students in their career choices.