Nicolai Nørregaard

Nicolai is Head Chef & Partner at Kadeau. His native island is the project. In 2007, two lifelong friends, Nicolai & Rasmus Kofoed opened a restaurant on the southern tip of the Baltic island of Bornholm.

The Kadeau project is much more than a restaurant: It’s a love affair with that special piece of nature out there in the Baltic, it’s a friendship-based company and its local food loving patriots fighting for jobs and recognition of the place they come from.

The food at Kadeau is based on the wild nature and the local farmers. The two friends eventually became three when Magnus Kofoed. Eventually they opened up another restaurant in Copenhagen in 2011, still with everything based on the island of Bornholm.

In 2013 they received their first Michelin star, and ever since they’ve been opening up two more restaurants and eventually also acquired the Islands juice factory, making sure the jobs would stay in Bornholm.