Niklas Ekstedt

TOPIC: Fire as an Ingredient [ Tuesday: 11.30am ]

Niklas Ekstedt (@NiklasEkstedt) began training under renowned chef Charlie Trotter and opened his first restaurant at age 21, “Restaurant Niklas” in Helsingborg. After Ekstedt decided to move to Stockholm, he opened “1990”. It has since changed its name to “Niklas.”
Ekstedt has hosted a popular cooking show on national Swedish television since 2003.
At risk of feeling burnt out, Ekstedt took time to consider his career in restaurants. It took some time but he had a eureka moment. Niklas conceived restaurant “Ekstedt” with the idea of only using the heat from wood flames to cook with. No electricity, no gas. Wielding cast iron pans and taming the most primitive cooking techniques, Restaurant Ekstedt produces delicate food that has been considered dynamic enough to hold a Michelin star for the past 3 years. Niklas has written four cookbooks in Swedish and another in English.