Per-Anders & Lotta Jorgensen

PA & Lotta Jorgenson

TOPIC: The Future of Fool [ Monday: 2.15pm ]

Fool Agency (@fool_magazine) is a company founded by Lotta & Per-Anders Jörgensen in 2012 devoted to the multifaceted sphere of gastronomy. Fool Magazine is an independent magazine on modern food culture and gastronomy produced at Fool Agency since 2012. In 2013 Fool was voted World’s Best Food Magazine by Gourmand Cookbook Awards and selected as one of the most inspiring magazines in the United States by American Library Association. In 2014, Society of Publication Designers double-awarded Fool Magazine for its beautifully evocative and provocative photography. Fool Creative is a concept where the guests can indulge in inspirational lectures on gastronomy, take part in educational workshops, enjoy a wine tasting curated by a cutting edge sommelier or take a seat at a dinner prepared by world-leading chefs. Fool Publishing is an independent contemporary multimedia publishing house that focuses on innovative gastronomical literature, radio and film.